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Agricultural Environmental Management



The Agricultural Environmental Management Program is a voluntary, farmer-led effort to promote and maintain farming as a profitable and environmentally sound enterprise within Ontario County.

The goal of AEM is to assist farmers to identify, implement and maintain Best Management Practices suited to their individual farm, enhancing farm profitability and environmental quality.

Agricultural Advisory Committees made up of farmers located in the three watershed areas of the county prioritize funding of BMPs and recommend agency staff work.

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Benefits of participation in AEM:

  • Cost shares for planning and implementation

  • Documentation of current conservation practices

  • Complete control over any management options chosen

  • Expert assistance from trained agency staff

  • Lake Friendly Farmer sign for qualified participants

Examples of BMPs implemented on participating Ontario County farms include:

  • Stormwater diversion from barnyards

  • Livestock water source development

  • Fuel storage and spill containment

  • Pesticide storage and mixing areas

  • Silage leachate management

  • Milkhouse waste management

  • Buffer strips and vegetative filter strips

  • Manure management systems

  • Rotational grazing enclosures

Participation in AEM begins with filling out a Tier I Survey of farm operations. Tier II is an in-depth survey and site visit by planners. Tiers III and IV involve implementation and evaluation of chosen BMPs.


  • Agricultural Environmental Management Program

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Agricultural Services

  • Agricultural Land Valuations


Forms & Factsheets 

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