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Manure Storage Completed in Town of Phelps

We recently worked with a farm to help install a waste storage and transfer project with funding from the Agricultural Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control Program. This project consisted of installing a 3.7 million gallon lined manure storage and a 1.3 million gallon lined silage leachate waste storage facility on a dairy farm in the Town of Phelps. This new waste storage facility gives the farm the ability to store over 6 months of manure as well as the ability to store all annual low flow and high flow runoff from the bunk silos. This project was unique in that it allowed us to repurpose the old earthen manure storage into a useful Best Management Practice (BMP) by re-grading out the storage basin and lining it with a plastic liner so it could hold the silage bunk runoff. All waste streams are piped underground from the farm to the new facility. The high flow bunk silo runoff can now be stored, diluted and used for irrigation if needed. All other stored waste product will be applied the farm cropland per the farm Certified Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP).

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