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Grassed Waterway in Town Canandaigua

Ontario County SWCD recently completed a large structural erosion control project as part of our Mud Creek Erosion Control Project funded through Round 24 of the Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution (Ag NPS) Abatement and Control Program. This project included a 1,600ft grassed waterway that was completed on a farm in the Town of Canandaigua (see photos of project 1). The project addressed a massive erosion gully through the center of a large farm field that was losing soil at a rate of over 20 tons of soil loss per acre per year. The grassed waterway involved both cuts and fills to repair the existing gully erosion and the new waterway now spreads the water volume over a 1ft deep and 35ft wide sod channel that follows the natural contour of the land. This grassed waterway allows the water to flow across the field in a non-erosive manner while also reducing the total velocity of the water leaving the site, further reducing downslope impacts. Total soil savings on this project are over 150 tons of soil per year!

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