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Finger Lakes Phosphorus Reduction Project

The Ontario County SWCD continues to complete work under our Finger Lakes Phosphorus Reduction
Project, funded through the Great Lakes Commission (GLC) Sediment and Nutrient Reduction Program
(SNRP). The District recently matched this SNRP funding with NYS Ecosystem Based Management funding
(EBM) to install a large structural erosion control project to address a 1,600 ft long eroded concentrated
water flow path on cropland in the Town of Seneca. This upland water management project combined a
diversion with built-in water volume storage capacity, and a controlled underground outlet system to
capture, store, and convey stormwater. Several satellite inlet systems were installed below the primary
diversion site to help control additional flow volumes. This project will have an estimated soil savings of up
to 96 tons of soil saved per year.

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