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Erosion Control Project in Canadice

This erosion control project consisted of a Water and Sediment Control Basin (WASCOB) installed on the sloped hillside between Honeoye and Canadice Lakes. The project site is on a row crop field that is directly adjacent a tributary to Honeoye Lake. The project field is a 12 acre corn field that has a road along its entire uphill length. At this site, two slight road ditches discharge in a low spot at the top of the corn field, leading to a volume of water washing across the field during rain and thaw events. This resulted in visible erosion gully erosion with an annual average depth of 1’ deep and about 500’ in length. The farm had been working with the SWCD to come up some options to get the erosion in this field under control. The solution for this site was to contain the surface flow and convey it off the field in a non-erosive manner using the installed WASCOB system that will now contain water during rain events and convey it to an adequate outlet using an underground outlet system.

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